In Lebanon, the dominant language spoken is Arabic. For this reason, it can be difficult to learn things specific to other languages. For instance, in American English, how do you compare compliment vs. complement? Or a better question we should be asking ourselves is what is a homophone?

AP Style State Abbreviations

In American English, there are many words that sound exactly a like but have different meanings entirely. A perfect example on an English homophone is the comparison of principal vs. principle. These two words have completely different meanings but when you say them, they sound just a like.

It is also difficult to know small punctuation and capitalization rules. I can never remember whether I should write a.m. or am in the essays that I write. Another thing to consider in English writing and time is noon am or pm. This is a question that not many native speakers can answer correctly, so if you are able to surprise them with your knowledge, all the better!

Many American newspapers use style guidelines all their own, not holding to any national standard, while many others use famous style guides like the AP Stylebook or the Chicago Manual of Style. Both of these stylebooks have their own advice for topics such as AP Style state abbreviations and how to do state abbreviations AP Style. Each state in America has its own abbreviation and proper times when you should or should not abbreviate it.

But how should those of us who do not go to school or universities learn English?

Thankfully there are countless resources available for people from all backgrounds to learn English online for free. That’s right, for no cost at all you can learn English and become not only a great English speaker but also a great English writer.